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Developing advanced web design and SEO solutions for progressive businesses in Scarborough. As industry professionals, The Developists possess in-depth web design and SEO skills to provide your business with a quality online presence.

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Design and Development Projects

Here you have a small introduction into the quality work that The Developists produce. The projects below are some of the most recent work completed by the team. If you would like to see more examples, please visit the web design page for a list of recent web design projects. Alternatively, for graphic design and advertising projects like the 'Fade to Grey' artwork below, please visit the graphic design page.

Web Design Portfolio - Lahoy
Web Design Portfolio - Lahoy
Web Design and web development services in Scarborough

Web Design and Development Services

The design team understand the impact a website design can have on a business. For that reason, the mockups are designed beforehand and a close relationship with you throughout the design stage is formed. With expertise in web based programming technologies such as PHP, JavaScript and database query languages like SQL, no project is too big for the Developists.

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SEO services and paid search solutions in Scarborough

SEO and Paid Search Solutions

SEO is at the heart of every website so it’s important to optimise the website in a structured and effective way. The Developists run in-depth SEO review audits that determine two things; Where your website stands currently and what needs to improve. This gives you an insight into what is required going forwards and provides the campaign with a solid blueprint to work with.

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Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

The marketing team regularly develop promotional solutions that utilise the latest branding trends and local business interests. Through excellent relationships with the local media and PR companies, The Developists deliver invaluable business interests, quality press release content and dynamic marketing events; creating a quality network and branding profile.

Online Marketing

The Developists Approach with 24-Hour Customer Service

The business prides itself on exceptional customer service around the clock. We all know how frustrating it is when a disaster occurs and there is no help available out of office hours. It's inconvenient and problematic. The Developists have introduced 24-hour customer service, 7 days a week. You can call at any time, day or night and a developer will be available to help. Even more, if you're a local company in need of assistance in person, there's also a 24-hour call out service available.

The Developists have a unique structure in place to establish the most effective approach to both design and development. This helps gain a thorough understanding of your business needs, enabling a fast and efficient service with low cost. The team know the web inside out and use the latest technologies available to achieve the fastest results possible. There is already a solid structure in place to determine the best actions to take such as full audits on your business to assess where achievements are already being met and where improvements can be made. Following a documented report in a user friendly format for you to keep, the team will then discuss a variety of marketing solutions with you in person, tailored to your results to attain the most effective possible outcome.

Prior to design and development, the developers compose an audit on your business and thoroughly research your industry market, gathering findings and as much information about your business as possible. If you’re a small business looking for an audience or an established company in demand for growth, you are in the right place. As industry professionals working with advanced technologies, The Developists deliver advanced marketing solutions that will drive your business forward. Whether you desire a new audience, would like to expand into an unknown area or you require a bespoke website that boasts the best features, the Developists can help. The team work with businesses from all different industry sectors in the UK, helping them achieve their business goals.

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Some of our Great Clients

The Developists work with great clients that use different services to spring their businesses into the next stage of growth. The team have been involved win some fantastic projects and challenges, and pride themselves on the results achieved for the customer.